Congrats to the Mighty Shire Colts U10 Football Team

Posted 28/4/2023 by George Jamison

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The BSYL (Bristol Saturday Youth League) season finale at The Rec on Saturday March 25th 2023 saw Shirehampton Colts U10s take on Rockleaze Black U10s in the Cup Final. In the absence of a trophy, the prize would be bragging rights until the new season begins in September. Who would be the best?

In the beginning

It has been a long road to the final which began with a depleted squad sealing a sunny 3-1 away victory vs Brunel Bantams in September; Robin Walton, Omer Greenfeld (2) and Belize Morris shining that day. At the end of the Winter League of 13 teams, the top 4 were placed in a mini league: the 'U10 A Spring Cup'. Each team would play each other once with the top 2 going through to the final. Shire managed to make the top 4 despite playing fewer games than everyone else; the joys of a grass pitch maintained by the council. In total we were forced to cancel at least 4 or 5 games due to weather and pitch issues.

The Final - Second half

The team started well and the game was no longer played in our half. Despite having three players marking him at some points, Josh was beginning to link up with midfielders like Finn Clarke, James Collier, Mia Bassi-Gibbs and Ben Hall and more attacks were being built. An early throughball from Omer Greenfeld sent Josh Collier haring through the middle with two defenders in close quarters. He showed great strength and speed to hold them off and composure to slot the ball past the goal keeper. 1-2. Big cheers from the weary home support, big smiles from the players on the pitch who thronged around Josh, congratulating him. Game on. The belief was back and we were the ones pressing now. On one such attack Sam Fletcher embraced the 'shoot on sight' message and hit a crisp low drive from 18 yrds that clipped the post. We were getting closer and as time was ticking down to the final whistle, it came. A cute backheel from Dylan Moore in the box took out three RL defenders and put Josh Collier in again. Control and shoot, the ball nestled in the corner. We were level. Emotions ran high and Coach Chris had to remind everyone to focus. A few tense minutes passed where both sides could've won the game. Ditto extra time which ended with the scores still 2-2, which meant penalties.

The Final - Penalties

Step up Charlie Brittan, Shire Colts Goalkeeper, vice captain, chief statistician, analyst and part time motivational speaker. Until this point in the game, despite making some crucial saves, Charlie had experienced what he'd probably describe as a sub optimal performance and was pretty frustrated. Coach Chris took him to one side and explained that none of that mattered now and this was his chance to be a hero. That seemed to register and off he set, a look of grim determination in his eyes. The penalty takers were selected and the stage was set. First penalty to RL. It was hit hard but Charlie stood firm and beat it away. 0-0 The team erupt! Advantage Colts. Michael scores 1-0. They score 1-1. Ben H Scores 2-1. Charlie saves again!!!! 2-1. The pressure was really building. Sam scores 3-1. They score 3-2. We miss (a fantastic fingertip save from a perfect pen!) 3-2. They score 3-3. Omer for the win.... scores! Shire Colts U10s Win the Cup 4-3! What a come back.

The team should feel very proud of the mental resilience they showed. Many other teams would've buckled and lost by a big margin at 0-2 down.

It's important to note that the win wouldn't have been possible without the whole BSYL squad including those not mentioned above: Tom Hannah, Joe Davidson, Alastair Dirdal, Zaid Saouli and Ben David. Everyone who played this season contributed to the points that put us in the top 4! Well done all."



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