A focus on Renewable Energy, Electrification of Transport and Green Construction

We are a specialist Engineering search consultancy in the low carbon sector with years of experience. We know the market. We work with candidates and clients because we believe in what they do. We will only work with people that we would recommend without hesitation.


Experience breeds knowledge

Our experience enables us to work swiftly. When speaking with both clients and candidates we know what questions to ask in order to create a picture of what is both essential and desirable. We deal in realities. We know when to hold firm and when to advocate being flexible.


Thriving on challenge 

There is no algorithm that that can answer all the questions thrown up in the recruitment process. We believe that a person’s career is of utmost importance. If we are entrusted with that responsibility, we take it seriously. We do not see candidates and clients as on opposing sides. Our role is the coach, with the goal to get everyone pulling together as one team.

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