4 Quick and Easy Tips to a Better CV

Posted 9/3/2018 by George Jamison

1. Keep it Simple

Like many things in life, a CV has to be simple. The idea of a CV is to showcase your skills, abilities, experience, and qualifications. There is nothing more to it than that.

Employers and recruiters for that matter do not want to spend hours trawling through CV’s in order to find what they need. They want CV’s that are quick and punchy, easy to understand and to the point. Therefore, make sure they keep the design and font clean and simple and consider the content more than the style.

Photos are good – but forget adding in designs & logos in an attempt to get noticed.


2. Make it Easy to Read

Consider dividing your CV up into sections that are identifiable and will make employers want to read more. This also enables you to gain their attention in the areas that matter. The text has to be clear, so avoid large blocks of text, as that will not entice employers to consider your candidates. Break it up into manageable chunks because that way, they will be able to digest the information easily. When it comes to roles, head them up with bold titles so that they stand out, you need them to stand out because you need them to know what roles you have undertaken.

You are not the only one applying. So, Your CV is going to be up against tens or hundreds of CV’s at a time. Those individuals who are in charge of the hiring will have experience of reading many CV’s, so they know what they are looking for and they know what works. This means that they need to keep it simple to read so they can deliver their message in a clear and concise way.


3. Keep it Professional

What use is a CV if it is full of errors? It will become difficult for them to read, it will show employers that candidates have not paid attention to it and it will show them that they are careless. This is their chance to shine so proofread their CV, proofread it again and then pass it on to someone else to proofread. Make sure they root out any spelling and grammar errors because you really want to reduce the chances of employers casting their CV aside.

Your CV is your way of showing potential employers who you are, what you do and how you can benefit them and so, you need to portray a professional image.


4. Use the Space Wisely

While CV’s do have to be short, sharp and punchy, they also have to communicate your experience effectively. If you have many past roles and find that they are struggling to stick to the two-page rule, then don’t worry, You don’t have to.

There is no 2 page rule. However Do consider summarising the older roles. No one wants a 10 page CV !

Essentially, the more recent roles will need more space for more information so consider turning older roles in shorter summaries.

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