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Ref: 60Thursday 6 January 2022



Software Tech Lead – Robotics for Driverless Vehicle tech       ROS, C++, Linux

Robotics Software Lead  – Design of Autonomous/Driverless Vehicles  - UK


Lead role in a well funded start up team delivering game changing autonomous / driverless vehicle tech - hardware & software products for Land based vehicles across all sectors.

You need excellent knowledge and experience as Robotics Software Engineer.

These groundbreaking new software & engineering design tools are being adopted globally.

As Tech Lead , You will lead the design, build, commission, and test an intelligent automation system (prototype and production) - You will have a real passion for Robotics software eg ROS. This role offers excellent opportunity to get into Autonomous Vehicle Tech, And you get to see your solutions for autonomous driving platforms in the real world.

Great worklife balance  and it also offers flexibility in working remotely or onsite when needed. This is start up Dev Environment  – so collaboration &  team work is critical 



Your role will involve Software Development, implementation, test, through to production.

Working with robotics systems and sensor integration you must be able to take technical concepts, explain to users and design system architectures and prototypes.

Design Algorithms on perception / control planning / mapping/ navigation 

Machine Learning –  eg CAFFE, Torch                  

Development of autonomy solutions integrating e.g., Camera, RADAR, LIDAR and GPS utilising data fusion techniques.

Collaborative and Cross Functional role working with design engineers, software developers, product developers, sales teams and clients/ end users for requirements capture


Essential Experience & Skills

  • Degree in Software Engineering, computer science, mechatronics or equivalent. Advantageous with focus on robotics and autonomous systems.
  • Software development experience : C++ (Python) on Linux
  • ROS or similar
  • Driving robotics and sensor integration: Sensor Fusion, Object Detection, Multi-target Tracking, Localization, and Mapping.
  • Design Algorithms on perception / control planning / mapping/ navigation
  • Modelling & simulation for 3d/robotic environments (V-Rep, Gazebo, MATLAB)
  • Advantage to have Knowledge of Machine Learning  eg TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, PyTorch



  • Machine Learning eg  TensorFlow, CAFFE, Torch, PyTorch
  • Autonomous vehicle systems/ software in autonomous vehicles
  • Understanding autonomy principles & apply to autonomous vehicle systems: Camera, RADAR, LIDAR and GPS utilising data fusion techniques.
  • Automated system integration environment.

Please note: PhD applicants welcome – ideally you have Built a Robotics project - using ROS or similar.  Any Machine Learning an advantage.

Our client has an excellent attitude towards ongoing personal development, Training & Development. As well as making tech that is beneficial to the planet.  You will have access to the latest education, tools and technology, and a limitless career path with CAV technology leader and be able to see your impact roll out on the production line.


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